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Central to our mission is the creation of a secure haven, where individuals from all walks of life can embrace their love for cycling with confidence.

We aspire to cultivate a warm and inviting society, wherein members can freely express their appreciation for cycling, seek guidance and share their personal journeys. Blog Post here

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Making a difference

~ We aim to partner with and support a variety of movements that are already making sustainable contributions!

~ We want to use cycling as a way to improve and make a positive impact on the physical and mental wellbeing of our communities! #FeelTheFreedom

~ We aim to build a safe space for all to feel confident on a bike! A friendly society where you can appreciate cycling, ask questions, share experiences and suggest events in your area!

Solving Problems for Women in Cycling

At CAS we specifically developed our 365 buckle bib shorts with women in mind! No more awkward fashion mishaps on the group ride!

Bib buckle, magnetic, detachable fastener on bib shorts and leggings.

Magnetic Snap!

Feel the Freedom collection is here, to provide maximum comfort and hassle-free, 'snappy' toilet stops, keeping you moving for longer.

Click the button below to check out our Mens and Womens 'Feel the Freedom' collection!

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How long can I expect for shipping?

All orders will be dispatched within 1-2 days. Please check individual timings for shipping dependent on location, tracking will be avaialble.

What is the status of my order?

Please use your tracking information to track your order. Make sure you check your emails for updates, check SPAM or Junk folders too and contact us if you have any problems.

Which size should I buy, help with finding the right size?

Sizing guides are available on the individual product pages CM/IN conversion available. Please contact us if you are not sure and we can try to advise you on your ideal sizing For reassurance please check our return policy incase you need a different size.

What is your returns policy?

30 day FREE returns for UK and EU customers, please refer to our returns policy for full T&Cs.

365 Training Jersey

Womens pink cycling jersey ultralight


Men's CAS jerseys.