Ride Together, But Apart: A Global Campaign for Cyclists

Ride Together, But Apart: A Global Campaign for Cyclists

Dear fellow cyclists,

We are excited to announce our new campaign, "Ride Together, But Apart," where we invite cyclists from around the world to join us in logging their rides on the same day. This campaign is all about promoting a sense of community and accountability, even when we're physically apart.

Any bike, any age, wherever you are, riding solo or with family and friends; just make time for a ride! No limits, No distance, No speed requirements just be present, smile and #FeelTheFreedom!

By logging your ride on social media or Strava, you can connect with fellow cyclists and show your support for sustainable transportation and healthy communities. Whether you're riding solo or with friends, let's come together and celebrate the joys of cycling.

To participate, join our club Cycling Appreciation Society on Strava, simply log your ride on the designated day and use the hashtag #RideTogetherButApart to share your experience with the global cycling community. Let's use the power of cycling to bring us together and promote a sense of connection and support.

WHEN: EVERY Saturday 

STARTING: Saturday 7th January 2023

WHERE: Wherever the path leads you!

REQUIREMENTS: There are NO limits on the ride! Join in when you can! Share your ride to the Club Strava #RideTogetherButApart!

We look forward to seeing your rides and sharing in the freedom and adventure of cycling together.


The Cycling Appreciation Society  |  #CAS

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