Why We Ride… Tania; @2_wheels_in_france

Why We Ride… Tania; @2_wheels_in_france

Cycling Appreciation Society welcomes Tania to the ‘Why We Ride’ blog! Inspiring others to get on their bikes and experience the many benefits of cycling.

Read on for Tania’s short story & to prove that cycling is for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or ability! #WhyWeRide 

Tania; @2_wheels_in_france 

Why you Ride?
I started cycling in 2020 and absolutely love it! Nothing beats that feeling of being out exercising in the fresh air, the adventure of discovering new places and enjoying scenery that normally wouldn’t have been seen from a car. I love the reward of a long downhill after a hard climb, that great feeling of pride at the top of a climb or when achieving a new record distance.

“…enjoying scenery that normally wouldn’t have been seen from a car.”

What Cycling Means to You…
Above all, I appreciate cycling because it is one addiction that is good for both physical and mental health. I feel that cycling helps me to clear my mind of any stresses and anxieties…it’s just me, my bike and the open road.

“…it’s just me, my bike and the open road.”

What advice would you give to someone just starting out?
Avoid doing too much too soon. Don’t compare yourself to others, just enjoy the ride!

“…just enjoy the ride!”

Thank you to everyone supporting the Cycling Appreciation Society community! ALL riders welcome, if you are interested in getting involved check out our blog post ‘Why We Ride’.
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