Why We Ride … Mark; @fromzerotogiro

Why We Ride … Mark; @fromzerotogiro

Cycling Appreciation Society welcomes Mark to the ‘Why We Ride’ blog! Inspiring others to get on their bikes and experience the many benefits of cycling.

Read on for Marks short story & to prove that cycling is for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or ability! #WhyWeRide 

Mark; @fromzerotogiro

Why you Ride?
I ride to free my mind from the daily stress and also for that buzz when you get home and finally stop your Garmin / Wahoo etc! The reason I started riding was because a friends of mine, his wife was pregnant and she couldn’t join him anymore on any tours. He forced me to buy a bike and as soon as I realised I was enjoying it, I signed up to do a stage of the Giro d’Italia which I completed in May last year. I also managed to use that event to raise €1250 for children in need.
What Cycling Means to You…
Cycling is a freedom for me, it’s important for my physical and mental health as well as being a super way to be social and meet likeminded people.
What advice would you give to someone just starting out?
Find a friend or club to go out riding with as quickly as possible. Cycling is so much more fun when in groups of 2 or more. A local club is also a fantastic opportunity to learn about all elements of riding / repairs etc. Use that available knowledge!
Thank you to everyone supporting the Cycling Appreciation Society community! ALL riders welcome, if you are interested in getting involved check out our blog post ‘Why We Ride’.
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