CAS #FeelTheFreedom Movement

CAS #FeelTheFreedom Movement

When the pandemic changed the world, Mental health numbers sky rocketed globally. World Health Organization stated in 2022 “COVID-19 pandemic triggers 25% increase in prevalence of anxiety and depression worldwide.”  

Cycling Appreciation Society (CAS) was born from pure appreciation of cycling, not only as a sport but as a lifestyle choice and a therapeutic activity that can support positive physical and mental wellbeing amongst communities.

Cycling has brought such joy and freedom into our lives #FeelTheFreedom.

The places that we have drove past on many occasions with no awareness, have now become a fresh outdoor adventure every ride! Now with conscious appreciation for our surroundings and the beautiful changing seasons.

Not only are we appreciating the freedom that cycling brings but there is something special about being outdoors and being able to access a place of 'stillness' and 'calm', it does wonders for your stress levels and busy mind!

Our vision for CAS is sharing our appreciation for cycling and the benefits. Although we are avid road/gravel riders, we want to encourage all types of cycling and work on innovative ways to inspire and build healthier communities. Not to mention, motivating others to use a more sustainable form of transport all whilst boosting those endorphins commuting to & from work, instead of increasing your cortisol (stress hormone) levels in traffic jams! 

Connecting with individuals & partnering with harmonious brands!

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